Inspiration of Pinterest

This week I dove into the world of Pinterest looking for inspiration or a new photographic technique to learn about.  Now that I understand the main setting and functions of the camera, I wanted to go out and take pictures of my own. From my past weeks I knew how to manipulate light so all of the extra light was from the flashlight on my phone.


Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 9.24.15 AMMy first search was still life photograph and this picture showed up. Knowing that I don’t have the patients or talent to make fruit balloons, I decided to find different ways I could manipulate fruit.

I took most of the pictures at a bird’s eye view (camera is higher than the subject and looks down) and then changed it so only one slice of the fruit was in focus. If I were to try this again I would bring the food outside to have better lighting and spray the fruit with a little water to add detail.


Next I was trying to make a heart by taking the handle of the mug and making its shadow reflect onto the side of the mug. I_MG_4832 did this by pointing the camera straight onto the mug and shining the light from the left side. I was somewhat successful; I was able to get the shadow in the right spot but when it would line up with the handle the shadow would expand. If I were to try this again I would either move the light source or the camera to see if I would be able to make the shadow right.

After this I decided to go on a man hunt to see if there was anything else within my house that I could take a picture of. After searching for a little bit I found a form paint roller and a monopoly game piece, so I decide to try a tunnel technique that forces the eye to look at the object at the end of the tunnel. I started by setting the hockey player behind the roller, though I was able to get a few good pictures from it, half of the body was cut off and it was not very interesting. I than taped the hockey player inside of the roller and put my phone behind it. The light from behind helped to backlight the game piece and add dimension. If I were to try this again I would use a larger and longer roller to make it a little easier and I would try to tilt my phone so you cannot see it in the background.

I think my favourite of this week was this orange one, because of the detail and colour. _MG_4793Since I had added light and smaller objects I was able to lower my ISO so my pictures were less grainy this week.


3 thoughts on “Inspiration of Pinterest

  1. Sarah,
    These photos turned out remarkable! However, I do agree with you! The orange photo is by far my favorite! You should see if you can capture water droplets on strawberries or raspberries next week!
    Great work


  2. Pinterest is a great place to look for inspiration. I love all the photos and how varied your techniques are that you are showcasing. My favourite is the hockey player with the darkened background. You are very talented. Keep up the great work!


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