My online identity as an educator

I originally took EDTC 300 in the spring of 2019, in which I found that my online identity is small and mainly based around my previous jobs and community involvement. 

Since then my online identity has not changed much. When googling myself I used 3 different phrases to try and find myself…

Sarah Wright Estevan (my home town)

Sarah Wright Education

Sarah Wright teacher

I share a name with a well-known actress so I do not appear when my name is searched in isolation

I knew based on my research in the previous course that I would appear if I searched myself paired with my home town. Since that point the only thing was added was my involvement in the U of R Education Students Society. 

Both my Instagram and Facebook is private and with a large amount of restrictions on it but that does not mean that it is invisible. From experience I know that students (especially middle years) will find your social media and try to find more information about you. My students did find my Instagram and brought it up in class but that allowed us to have a healthy class conversation about digital identity and privacy. I was also glad to have my twitter in my tool box because they were able to view it since it is professional based and not my personal account. There is nothing online that I would not want people to see but I like to keep some distance between the school and my life by keeping my accounts on private. 

There is very little within my digital identity that shows me as a teacher or educator. Through this course I would like to continue to grow my twitter and E-portfolio to reflect my current views on education. To be proud of my digital identity I need to continue to reflect on my past posts and see how my ideas and understandings have changed. I started my E-portfolio in the winter semester of my second year and even though that was less than 2 years ago my views and understandings have changed and developed so I need to go back to see if my post accurately describe my teaching and educational philosophy. 


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