Intro into EDTC 400

Hi my name Sarah Wright and I am in my final semester of my middle year’s education degree. This is not exactly how I pictured my last semester, moving home to Estevan and taking my classes online but that is the world we are living in. 

I completed my internship at Oxbow Prairie Horizon School in Oxbow, Saskatchewan. I taught 2 sections of grade 8 ELA, math and science. 

Because of the shortage of teachers, I will be subbing within South East Cornerstone throughout this semester. Learn more about Saskatchewan teacher shortage

My goal going into this course is mainly centred around the online teaching and in person teaching with technology. 

My goals are…

  • Learning more about online teaching (including engaging resources and different platforms)
  • Create or become aware of resources that can easily move from in person to online learning
  • Become more informed on the latest trends in educational technology

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