I love to do small formative assessments at during my closures just to see how much students understood from the lesson. This website has a great list of closure/ quick assessment ideas.

My coop teacher has students correct their own work many times, which gives the students a chance to provide their own feedback and understand where they need to improve on next time.

The class still has tests, primarily for math units, but there are other techniques she uses.

Assessment as learning

Within my field experience I did a lot of group work. This is both helpful and harmful because students get to share their ideas but it is harder to know if all the students are understanding the information. To make sure that I am assessing all students, I ask a question to a different student every time I pass their group. If a student is struggling to understand a topic I will as one of their peers to explain it to them (while I am still present just in case they do not say the right thing), this shows me that both of those students now have an understanding of the topic.

Assessment for learning

I was doing this primarily during my lessons to see where students are at when I begin the lesson and where they are when the lesson ends.

For this I use

  • Entrance and exit slips
  • KWL charts
  • Whip it (classroom discussion where students through a ball to each other to answer the questions)
  • Having short worksheet in which the students correct their own

Summative/assessment of learning

I have found that I prefer jigsaw style of activities for students to show their understanding. Students will do presentations and artist projects to show their understanding.

  • Real world examples
  • Plays or acting it out
  • Presentation
  • Art piece that connects to their identity or an outcome