Learning English Through TikTok

Social media is the new way that educators are able to connect and share resources with each other. The University of Regina offers a course to future educators called EDTC 300 that discusses how to integrate technology, especially social media, into the classroom. Here is a link to some amazing online resources put together by some #twitterteachers.

As we have discussed in class many people have learnt English through TV shows (especially Friends) and TikTok could be the new wave of that. According to Want to learn the English language? TikTok is the way to go!, India has English Learning centres but they cost a large amount of money to attend so instead TikTok and other platforms can be used for free and from the comfort of your home. Check out this articleas it is full of different TikTokers and hashtags to follow. This Oxford House Blog also has a great articlefull of TikTokers to follow. In school based EAL courses there is a main focus on academic English so students are able to understand what is taught within their other subjects but with TikTok students are able to also learn conversational English and vocabulary that matches other people in their generation. 

Something special about TikTok is the short length of the video that can be jam packed with information. These short views would be great for reviews or reminders when doing a take home task. 

For example Ms.James or iamthatenglishteacher(as she is known on TikTok) would be great for students to watch because she is showing short review activities, mainly with fill in the blank sentences. She also integrates important cultural lessons. 

Here is a great video to show it. 

This one also

Not only can these videos teach students information they also can be a great form of assessment. Because TikTok is an open app I would not have students post on there but I would have students create short TikTok videos on Flipgrid or another similar app. 

Elle Mikmaw

I am enjoying Elle Mikmawvideos, she has a way of integrating and educating people about Indigenous peoples languages and traditions. A great example of this would be her video about how to pronounce MI’KMAW’KI. 

For many people they can learn small words or phrases in their home language (especially if they have lost it) which could help them feel more connected to their ancestors. Her video about seal=waspu would be a good example.By promoting platforms like Elle it helps to teach others about Indigenous content and hopefully work towards acceptanceand reconciliation. 

Elle not only tells the translation but gives different traditions or stories that make the word significate. Though Elle’s content has change a bit and is no longer looking heavily on translations it is still a great page to follow.  

Anna M Bartosik

 Anna does a great job at integrating popular songs and engaging music to her TikToks for students to become engaged. This video is a great example. Students in middle school or high school may struggle to stay engaged when learning English so having an app like TikTok that has shot digestible information could be very helpful. 


Being understood > pronunciation. Variations exist everywhere! #learnenglish #EnglishWithAnna #fyp #pronunciation #ESL #English Pronunciation

♬ original sound – Anna M Bartosik

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