Teach Like Me

When I teach like myself…

I am engaging

  • I use a variety of outside texts and resources
  • I create spaces for students to learn through problem solving and kinaesthetically
  • I develop lessons based on the interests and connections of my students.

I am inclusive

  • I allow for multiple viewpoints to be shared within the classroom
  • I adapt work to fit the needs of the learners.
  • I give options to allow students to have a choice.

I allow learning to come naturally

  • I create assignments that allow for problem solving, inquiry and learn from others.
  • I allow learners to make mistakes
  • I model my own learning alongside my students.
  • I foster a learning environment that encourages student learning from their peers.

I build connections

  • I build student-teacher relationships with my students
  • I make connections with text and real world situations.
  • I build connections with colleges
  • I connect with the city and locals to bring the real world into the classroom.