Treaty Walk Reflections

Due to Covid 19, I took a virtual treaty walk based around Regina landmarks.

How does this treaty walk impact your understanding of Treaties? How does this treaty walk affect you moving forward?

Something that I am struggling to fully accept is the changing of places named after historical people. One example was the option of changing the street name for Dewdney avenue. I am at a crossroads of removing the name makes it less like society is praising these historians who truly made generational trauma but I can see that at times it is a band aid effect without truly understanding why there is a need to change the name. Within the time of removing these titles, it should not be to be just to take someone down but it is a great time to raise someone who does do great things within the common unity. I would not be surprised if someday there are streets and buildings named after great social activist such as Greta Thunberg. I think there needed to be more education with why the street names are being changed or a continuation of racism will linger. I am privileged to be able to go to university so I would feel comfortable with the changing of names but those who are not open to expanding the circle will create backlash. I understand that reconciliation should not feel good and should be uncomfortable at points since we are breaking societal norms but I would never want it to get to a point where the underrepresented group feels more attacked than before.

I have found that I am very oblivious to the environment around me, which could be a level of privilege that I have because certain buildings or structures do not affect me but it may also be a result of not being educated about what is around me. There were so many structures that I pass by on a daily basis that I do not even know have a large history behind them.

Over the past three years I have made large strides in moving towards understanding the land I have lived on my entire life. For a sense of understanding coming into university I did not know that I lived on Treaty 4 land but I am now working towards understanding what it means to be a treaty person/partner on Treaty 4 land. Through this assignment and my final project, I am learning that I may do more than a land acknowledgement. I need to make a statement about who lived on the land traditionally, which is important, but it also should be a promise to show respect to the land and those who have and will live on it.

Throughout this course I have pushed myself to learn about the history and current events that are impacting the Indigenous population but I was not aware of everything, especially the city, had to teach me. As an educator I want to find places that show Indigenous culture and history for my students to be able to see the impact they have had on this land.