Twitter and Teaching

Twitter was one of the social media platforms that I never used as a child and at points I find that it can be over used for political issues. I only used twitter during my time in EDTC 300 so it is taking me a little time to get back into it. 

Outside of Twitter I have found that Tik Tok has been a great resource for me as an educator. I was able to find people who were in their internship or first/second years of teaching to relate with along with many veteran teachers giving out amazing advice. I can remember back to EDTC 300 and finding so many resources to use for my past and future jobs. I think most social media platforms, if used properly, can connect educators to each other and to amazing resources. 

Posts are public, though it is important to always be thinking with a professional mindset. Somethings slip through or other things are brought up from your past. As a Canadian citizen you have the right to make your own choices and have your own believes but remember that parents may not always agree with those tweets. There were many teachers that had angry parents after teaching about Martin Luther King Day and if those teachers would have shared resources online they would have been attacked by the parents directly online. Just like all social media platforms there are many possible toxic issues and it is then your choice to put your thoughts/ beliefs online for everyone to see. 

This week in EDTC 400 we participated in the weekly #sasked chat with other educators across the province. This week was extremely important because we were discussing the topic of mental health as it was also #Bellletstalk day. Though the teachers within this chat were already educated within mental health their followers may not have been so it can help spread the word. The banding of these teachers can also show divisions and the province that teachers believe mental health for both staff and students is extremely important and should be taken seriously.