Teaching philosophy


“…the greatest effects on student learning occurs when the teachers become learners of their own teaching and when the student become their own teachers”- John Hattie 

I was first drawn to this quote because it discussed the idea of reflective teaching. There is no such thing as the “same student” or the “same class”, so lessons should alter to help all students succeed. There are times when some teacher, consciously or unconsciously, put their own biases into their lesson, which in turn teaches students from a place of prejudice. It also shows the importance of students being passionate and involved with their learning.


Saskatchewan’s three emphasis of learning are for students to have a sense of self, community, and place; as well the goal is for all students to become lifelong learners and engaged citizens. Allowing students to have self-directed studies, especially in areas that they enjoy, can increase their self-confidence and inspire students to continue learning outside of school hours. By allowing students to express themselves, the school will become a healthier community. Self or peer directed studies allow for more work within the community, and students could research different areas of the city then visit them to see the large impact places have on a community.

This goes along side another quote of Hattie’s, which is…

“It is teachers who have created positive teacher student relationships that are more likely to have the above average effects on students”.

– John Hattie

Knowing and acknowledging a teacher can impact their student’s learning, with something as simple as a “hello” or “how are you” can help a student feel more connected. Learning alongside students can have a large positive impact on how a student views school. By learning alongside the students, teachers can create a positive teacher student relationship. This can help unconscious psychological area of schools, because the teacher stands at the front, while the students are in desks it is as if they are towering over the students but allowing each student to have a chance to teach gives a sense of equality. When a teacher learns alongside their students it builds a positive learning environment.


I believe students should be engaged and involved with their learning. I recently took a course based on problem solving and hands on learning, in which I was able to understand that students can learn better and remember more if they are engaged and interested.

I believe that a classroom should inclusive for all students. I want my classroom to be a place where students feel comfortable and confident. I hope that all of my students feel included within the classroom no matter their race, culture, physical or mental abilities.

All students have a voice within the classroom. Students can voice their own decisions and choices based on the values and beliefs. Along with this all students should respect the decision of others, even though it may not a line with their own.

Lessons should be taught in multiple different ways to reach as many students as possible. Not every student learns the same way so lessons should be made using multiple resources such as videos, projects and readings to show as much information as possible.