Twitter in the Classroom

Back when Twitter first came out I never used it, as none of my friends did, and soon after it was no longer considered popular so I never thought of using it. I first joined Twitter for another education class but I did not understand it so I deleted the app. From what I have understood Twitter is used mainly for politics rather than a social media site but once you get past that it is a simple way to find others with common interests. I think that it is a great resource for sharing information but it is similar to any other message board. As of right now I am only following the people within my class and a few other well-known Twitter teachers, which makes my feed primarily education based but I am sure I would have a different point of view with other followers.

Coming from a generation were phones and social media were not used within the school, it is weird to think of using it with my future students. For students in either middle years or high school, Twitter could be used for current events especially, so students can find events that they are interested in. Twitter could be used as an online version of pen pals, where teachers pair up classroom and choose a hashtag in which the students share conversations. The article 50 Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom by Samantha Miller is packed full with different reasons to use Twitter in the classroom. One idea she had was using Twitter to have conversations with industry professionals to find out the truth about career options. The other suggestion, acting like a character from a book, is similar to an assignment I have participated in the past within elementary and high school but with the social media twist. A student chooses a character from the book that they have read and they act like them online, which demonstrates how much the student understands about the character and helps bring them to life.

This week I participated in my first #SaskEdChat. I wish I would be able to go back through the chats from previous weeks to see the other topics that they discuss, but that will wait for a time when I am not taking a class. It was interesting to see who were in attendance and the topics that were talked about. Though I found our session beneficial and welcoming, I struggled with the wording of the questions because most were based for standard classroom teachers not pre service teachers. Being that the hashtag references “Ed” not just “teachers” I would think the class would be more inclusive to education aids and other resource workers. Over all it seems like a great resource and it helps show how different schools are all over the province.


One thought on “Twitter in the Classroom

  1. You suggested some really great ways to incorporate Twitter in the classroom! I grew up with very little technology in the classroom. Other than the computers, the main technology we used was a smartboard. It will be weird, but using technology, and resources like Twitter, can be extremely beneficial for the students and you to learn and grow!


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